IHC needs your calf

Media release: 29/04/2019

IHC is calling for people to donate their calves this year, after what was an incredibly challenging season for the rural sector because of Mycoplasma bovis.

IHC National Manager Fundraising Greg Millar says the Calf and Rural Scheme will continue, and this year is more important than ever.

“Farmers still managed to raise $650,000 for people with intellectual disabilities – and despite falling short of our $1 million target, it was great to see the rural community continue to support our cause,” says Greg.

“While the process of the scheme has changed, its purpose has not – to make a real difference to the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, particularly those living in rural communities.

Greg says now, more than ever, we need your support.

“This year the scheme is off to a good start and we have already started to receive pledges of calves,” says Greg.

“Farmers are now asked to arrange transport of their IHC calves, along with their own calves, going to the sales.

“Many farmers have told us they prefer this system as it is more convenient to send the calf or calves at a time that suits them.

“The sale of that particular tagged calf will be donated to IHC from any sale yard in New Zealand.

“If you aren’t able to send your calf or calves to sale with your own lot, IHC can pay to get it there, you just need to organise this with your local transporter and let us know.”

IHC would like to thank the ongoing support of PGG Wrightson Livestock, who for more than 30 years has provided such generous and unwavering support.

For those who wish to make a donation in lieu of a calf, the IHC Virtual Calf Scheme option is still available or phone 0800 442 500.


Media contact:

Jacob West
IHC Communications Advisor
027 807 7740

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About IHC

IHC was founded in 1949 by a small group of parents who wanted equal treatment from the education and health systems for their children with intellectual disabilities. The IHC of today is still striving for these same rights and is committed to principles of advocating for the rights, welfare and inclusion of all people with an intellectual disability. We support people with an intellectual disability to lead satisfying lives and have a genuine place in the community.

We work to support more than 4000 people in IDEA Services that include residential care, supported living and vocational support. We also lobby and advocate for the human rights of all people with an intellectual disability at both a national and an international level. We raise money through a number of fundraising programmes, including the long running Calf and Rural Scheme. We raise awareness of the issues facing people with intellectual disabilities through our charitable activities, including an extensive advocacy programme, a one-to-one volunteer programme and the country’s largest specialist intellectual disability library.

Anne Barrow was the winner of the 13-18 years’ category in the 2017-18 IHC Calf and Rural Scheme photo competition.

Caption: Anne Barrow was the winner of the 13-18 years’ category in the 2017-18 IHC Calf and Rural Scheme photo competition.


Caption: Nyla Lauridsen was the winner of the ‘7 years and under’ category in the 2017-18 IHC Calf and Rural Scheme photo competition.