Down Syndrome Girl with Cows

Gabrielle is a young girl with Down syndrome who is growing up on a dairy farm on the West Coast. Your donations help families like Gabrielle’s get the support they need . Thank you for helping to make a difference, one animal changes lives. 

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The IHC Calf & Rural Scheme is dedicated to partnering with farmers to make a difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Finding out your child has an intellectual disability can turn your world upside down. You can help provide vital support and information during an extremely difficult time for families - find out about how your donation is making a difference for families of children with intellectual disabilities.

You can either pledge to rear and sell a calf or lamb on behalf of IHC or make a Virtual donation to the market value of an animal.

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You are changing lives!

Many families of children with intellectual disabilities in the rural community are struggling right now, your donation helps IHC reach out with expert support and guidance to more than 45,000 families through the easily accessible, online platform Awhi at Home (Embrace at Home).

IHC has been there for thousands of rural parents over the years. Kerry and Steve live on a dairy farm, in a rural community about an hour out of Nelson, with their three young children.

They are Calf & Rural Scheme supporters and have also needed IHC’s help for their daughter Saryn...

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Calf Scheme & COVID-19

When times are tough, they are toughest on the most vulnerable.

In these tough times we are reaching out to the rural community because children with intellectual disabilities and their families living in rural communities need extra support and assistance. This is why we need you to stand beside us.

Your safety is of the most utmost importance to us and that is why this upcoming season our canvassers will be giving you an initial phone call then visiting. 

PGG Wrightson sale yards are now open again, so if you have outstanding stock pledges, you are now able to get these off to sale. To contact your local PGG Wrightson Livestock Rep please click here.

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Calf & Rural Scheme Newsletter

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IHC Rural Smile Club
 IHC is currently doing telephone canvassing to the rural community around New Zealand, you can check the details here

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IHC is very grateful for our sponsors support, and we thank PGG Wrightson – Livestock in particular for their long and generous support.



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